About the Artist  [1]

About the Artist

Antonetta Newton-Tyers  has been exhibiting since 2003. She is a member of The Guild of Wiltshire Artists and Marlborough Artists and exhibits regularly with them and The Aldbourne Artists. 

Antonetta is a self taught artist, building up her knowledge with evening classes or private courses. 

The work created by Antonetta is often impressionistic in style, but always with a foundation in drawing. She works with the essence of whatever has inspired her and chooses her medium accordingly. She insists that this spontaneous approach keeps the work fresh and fun. Antonetta's work has been described as experimental and expressionistic, often using colours with great flourish.

Antonetta says of herself "I am passionate about creating something beautiful, be it painting or carving. I love what I do" 

She is best known for her figurative work, but also enjoys abstracts, landscapes and flowers. 

The stone sculptures are carved with real feeling. They are sensual, and totally unique. Antonetta rarely starts off with any drawings, often changing the line and form of the piece as the stone dictates. The sculptures flow and evolve. 

in 2011 Antonetta produced her first Bronze limited edition of 9 entitled Erica.  
" I hope you enjoy the images here in the portfolios. Contact me if you need more information. Ciao, Antonetta"